Passage Raymond VI

Sketch of the installation of The Woolly Multipedes, 2023 © matali crasset

matali crasset

Les Multipèdes Laineux

June 2, 2023 to July 2, 2023

(The Woolly Multipedes)

In this early 21st century, more and more voices are speaking out against the conception that the world is divided into a human side enjoying the gift of life, soul and speech, and on the other side, a raw material that is unspeaking and must be tamed and controlled. 
This separation impoverishes the diversity of potential relationships to nature and the world, and that impoverishment might well be one of the principle causes of the current ecological crisis.
Philippe Descola

Create a community of woolly multipedes and homopedes in an imaginary world, where there are no differences, no hierarchy between humans and animals. That was the task that matali crasset set the neighborhood's high school students and retirement home residents. They live in harmony there and look strangely alike, since they are essentially made up of connected cylindrical forms covered in long, uneven hair/fur. Made with recycled wool offcuts, this bestiary and these hairy beings form a motley horde that has taken up residence high in the space's wooden beams.


A project initiated by matali crasset, and conceived and produced by students of the Design and Applied Arts Sciences and Technologies programs of Lycée des Arènes and Lycée Joséphine Baker, with the collaboration of Marcel Pagnol elementary school, the Gaubert retirement home and Roguet Youth Center

Materials are in part sourced by re-usage of wool offcuts

In partnership with Atelier Misségie, weaver of natural fibers in Sidobre (tarn) and with the support of Pass Culture

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