Le Vent des Signes

Workshop with students of Lycée Joseph Gallieni, 2022 © Jean-Marc Evezard

Ultra Ordinaire

Usine mobile

June 2, 2023 to July 1st, 2023

"In this instance, «ultra» means beyond, because you have to go beyond current imaginable limits to create the roots of the ordinary—a hyper-connected ordinary with extra shared experiences, joining humans together, turning its back on the dominant growth model and individualism in order to create a super Ordinary." Collectif Ultra Ordinaire 

The dix-sur-dix (ten-out-of-ten) project, winner of an ADEME program on future mobilities, presents a «transformable» bike that users can easily appropriate. Engineers, mechanics, designers and companies joined forces in a non-proprietary approach to building a frame and accessories for short-range mobility. The challenge was to reinvent the user-producer relationship and decrease dependency on industry by enabling people to maintain and modify their form of transportation. 

In this fullscale production workshop-slash-exhibition, the public is as much actor as spectator, working with bamboo to invent the mobility of tomorrow. 


In collaboration with Actia, students at isdaT (institut supérieur des arts et du design de Toulouse, Lycée Joseph Galliéni, and INSA (l’Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse). 

In coproduction with Le Vent des Signes Theater.

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  • Saturday 3 June 14h00

  • Saturday 3 June 15h30

  • Saturday 10 June 14h00

  • Saturday 10 June 15h30

  • Saturday 17 June 14h00

  • Saturday 17 June 15h30

  • Saturday 24 June 14h00

  • Saturday 24 June 15h30

  • Saturday 1 July 14h00

  • Saturday 1 July 15h30

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