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L’enquête-collecte participative du quartier Saint-Cyprien


L’enquête-collecte participative du quartier Saint-Cyprien

June 2, 2023 to July 2, 2023

As the first stage of a long-term research project conducted by PRISMEO (Program of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Research: Memories, Exhibits, Objects), the core of this project is  the collection of images, objects and stories with the aim of exploring the links that the inhabitants have with their neighborhood, activities and favorite walking routes—basically, with the places, spaces, stories and objects that have punctuated their experience of the Saint-Cyprien district. For PRISMEO's young researchers, this involves determining factors that promote the population's identification, rejection or indifference to what is generally known as "cultural heritage," by inciting a dialogue between it and the objects that people consider to best embody their experience of the city, and thereby to engender the street-level production of heritage.

A selection of objects loaned by participants in the survey-collection, and the stories associated with those objects, will be on view. Whether emblematic elements of the city or everyday objects whose only significance is for their owner, the items exhibited will be an opportunity to discover the individual or collective experiences of the men and women who make up the Saint-Cyprien neighborhood, and to observe the various stories that intersect and co-exist or co-habit in the city.


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