20-26 Rue du Pont Saint-Pierre

Felip Martí-Jufresa, Ser res (être rien), photographie © Franck Alix

June 2, 2023 to July 2, 2023

Window Shopping

Noé Alary, Sara Bensaltana, Laurent Cartier, Ramzan Dzeitov, Cassandre Gilles, Chicheng Ma, Aria Maillot, Myriam Malfre, Kirill Mikhailin, Milena Meyer, Morgane Mouysset, Raphael Reich, Margot Roy, Hsinyun Tsai, Manling Xue

Making neon lights means learning to draw, write or sculpt with glass tubes. It means learning precise movements in a hand-to-hand combat with a rare material. It also means learning to control a flame and its interaction with the glass. Producing art with neons means succeeding in constructing meaning with glass tubes and the different kinds of light that they carry.

The Window Shopping exhibition is the outcome of a neon light production workshop created by art students from isdaT and students on the neon program at CFA Dorian multidisciplinary high-school in Paris.

In collaboration with isdaT, the Toulouse institute of art and design, and CFA Dorian, Paris.
With thanks to Kaufman & Broad, who loaned the space (Cour du Dôme property program)


20 Rue du Pont Saint-Pierre
31300 Toulouse